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Tips to know before downloading:
1- Download accelerator and manager: Use Internet Download Manager to accelerate downloads up to 5 times faster. Free to try [30 days]
2- Safety: ALL downloads from this site are download friendly: no viruses , spyware, addware, malware. To be sure you can (and should) scan for free your PC.  Try this Anti-Spyware , the scan is free and to remove them you will need to buy the complete version. Unless you prefer to try to remove them manually by yourself,  but it might be difficult and and at your own risk since deleting the wrong files could mess up your PC.
3- Uninstaller: most of the software comes with an uninstall procedure. However often there's "left over" like unused directories, desktop icons, shortcuts, favorites or registry entries that were not removed. With time those "left-over" use significant space on your PC and could be annoying. We recommend you use Ashampoo uninstaller to remove every trace of the software. Highly recommended


Multimedia - Music software:

Acoustica Audio Converter Pro
Acoustica CD/DVD Label Maker
Acoustica MP3 Audio Mixer
Acoustica MP3 CD Burner
Acoustica MP3 to Wave Converter Plus
Acoustica Power Pack PRO
Acoustica Mix Craft


Pop'n Fish Demo specification: full playable game limited to 60 minutes


Ashampoo uninstaller
Internet Download Manager
Spyware remover